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Safe Made Sexy

We are a global company that seeks to deliver innovative products across essential lifestyle categories personal care, health & wellness, and household care. Our products are a better alternative. They're safe for you, and they're safe for your families.



  • 'Social Retail' is a New, Better Way - the model others will follow
  • Exciting New Company (but NOT a start-up) creating Perfect Timing 'first mover advantage' for you
  • 28 year-old Company, with experienced Management & Leadership
  • Operates in 39 Countries, and growing globally!
  • $300+ Million a Year in sales now
  • Over $6 Billion in sales / $2.9 Billion paid out in Rewards & Commissions
  • Backed by $2.3 Billion in assets with Z-Capital Private Equity Company
  • Genuine manufacturer of its own products in their own 305,000 sqft production facilities
  • 10% of sales revenue re-invested back into traditional high-profile marketing to build the MODERE brand for all Social Marketers
  • Real Online Home-based Business. Build a true global business from the comfort of your home!
  • High Paying, Incredibly Fair Compensation Plan offering everyone the real chance ot make good money
  • Over 60,000 Customers in just last 5 months. On track for over 380,000 Customers in first 2 years!
  • Already has over 10:1 Customer-to-Social Marketer ratio, generating true, stable, long-term Residual Income
  • Part-time Social Marketers can earn a full-time income just from introducing Customers (earn up to 42% on customer orders, with unlimited Customer Pods)
  • Full-time Social Marketers can earn a 'life changing' consistent Residual Income (already 12 Social Marketers earning in excess of $1 million a year!)
# ROBERT CONLEE Chief Executive Officer

MODERE Goal: To help 10 million Homes worldwide to 'Live Clean' by 2020, achieved with 1 million Social Marketers, each with 10 Customers- changing lives !

The Modere Career Path & Rewards Plan

Our primary focus at Modere is about attracting, retaining and growing customers. If we provide them with the best experience possible, it creates the greatest opportunity for each of us. We support that value proposition by providing a compensation model that rewards Social Marketers to refer shoppers to our brand and develop teams of other Social Marketers to do the same. This is opportunity—styled to compliment natural conversations, everyday activities and individual paths. Together we are creating an entirely new approach, where every single participant can make a positive impact, to define their unique level of success.

Real People, Real Success Stories, Real Lives Changing - There IS a Better Way...
Our Success Team - these successful Team Leaders are ready to support YOU to success with MODERE. Hear their stories...
Professionally and effectively promote MODERE from the moment you sign up with your very own personalized lead capture pages and websites, just like the one you are on right now!


The proven system to grow your business

This EXCLUSIVE Teambuilder System is ONLY offered to those who join our Team, and is available FREE of charge to help you build your MODERE business and income

The proven system to grow your business

Laser targeted sales funnels with video capture pages
you will receive multiple lead pages laser targeted towards specific niche markets which will give you the advantage while marketing.Each lead capture page is attached to a sales funnel which will maximize the effectiveness of each prospect.

Pre written follow-up autoresponders and quick response email
Proven automatically delivered follow up emails and quick response temple emails that are designed to turn your prospects into eager enrolments and come preloaded in the system for you.

One-click prospect follow up
We've taken the guess work outn of follow up-we guide you throuch each step of the follow up process and send the perfect time in the enrolment cycle using both timed emails and intelligenent quick response tamplates.

Website analysis & marketing dashboard
Easily track where your leads come from, your conversion rates and your return on investment to make advertising a snap.

Share on social media and get leads
Harness the power of inbound marketing without ever writing an article or blog. Easily share articles already written inside the systemand you get the leads! if you do contribute articles you get the power of an entire system of people sharing your, giving you the ultimate advantage in search engines,

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